27 people receiving treatment in Mt Elgon after taking poisoned fermented milk


Over 20 people in Mt Elgon constituency are receiving treatment in various medical facilities after allegedly taking poisoned fermented milk locally known as Mursik.

Residents of Chelebei village in Chongeywo location are receiving treatment at Kopsiro hospital and other dispensaries.
Confirming the incident, Chongeywo location chief Eliud Kiptaalam attributed the hospitalization to allegation of purchasing fermented milk from one of the business person on Tuesday evening.

“The residents bought milk from their regular distributor, little did they understand that it might have gone bad, they later used it and started diarrhoearing,” he said.
The local administrator called on other people who might have used the milk to go for medical checkup.
“Am calling on my residents who might have also used the same milk to seek for medical attention if they were not affected, it is just good to get tested,” he advised.

Kopsiro sub county hospital clinical officer in charge Kipsang Masai said that majority of patients were diarrhoering and vomiting.
“They were brought here when they were in serious condition but they were stabilized and they are in a better condition now,” he said.
Chelebei secondary school hit the news headlines in 2015 after over 10 teenage girls were impregnated in a funny way by villagers.


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