‘Nilitoka Twitter, ilikuwa na matusi mengi na kuninyima usingizi bure’ President Uhuru reveals


President Uhuru Kenyatta caused laughter at Kenyatta International Conference Centre during the launch of BBI as signatures when he revealed why he left Twitter.

He narrated how he exited himself from Twitter for failing to withstand abuses on the site.
The head of state stated that he prefered engaging Kenyans directly but not on social media where abuses are the order of the day.
“Mimi nilitoka kwa Twitter kwa sababu ya matusi, shida ya hiyo kitu haulali, unasoma unapigiwa simu, unaambiwa vile umetusiwa,” he said
(I exited from Twitter for failing to withstand abuses, you can’t sleep because you are busy reading insults all allover).
He attributed his exit to lack of sleep because he wants to engage other netizens in discussing some serious issues.

“It is better if I discuss serious issues with my wife then sleep rather than engaging Kenyans directly on Twitter, there are a lot of insults that people pass across,” he said.
Uhuru who was accompanied by ODM party leader Raila Odinga called on Kenyans to support the document by signing it.
“We will continue doing changes to it until we gave a nice document that will favour all Kenyans,” he said.
Odinga asked those people opposing the document to support it because it is good for all Kenyans.

“This document is good, it will help many Kenyans in future, there is no need of propagating lies about it, the document if passed will reduce post election violence,” he said.


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