Nzoia Sugar Company Estimates Fire Damage Incident To A Tune Of Sh12 Million.


He said that there were no fatalities or injuries reported during the fire incident.

Nzoia Sugar Company in Bungoma County needs Sh12 million to resume operations after a fire incident on Thursday November 19.

The extend of the damage is estimated to be Sh12 million said a press release by the firm’s managing director CPA Wanjala Makokha.

The MD said the firm experienced a fire incident at the factory main plant which destroyed some of the key machines throwing the management and the workers into confusion.

Makokha attributed the fire incident to have been caused by a hot steam pipe which ignited bagasse at the mill turbine No.2.

“It then spread through the electric cables affecting Mill Turbine 3 and the Bagasse rubber conveyer belt,” he said

Makokha added, “Our internal fire rescue team assisted by Bungoma County fire rescue team immediately swung into action and begun containing the fire, within a span of two hours, the two teams had contained and extinguished the fire,”.

However, he said that there were no fatalities or injuries that were reported during the fire incident.

“We are also glad that the fire did not affect several key areas including the Mill Turbine No.1, Boilers, Powerhouse, Process House,Sugar Warehouse and other places in the company premises,” he stated.

Makokha assured stakeholders that the company engineers have put in place all the necessary measures to begin repairs of the affected areas on Saturday and the operations are likely to resume back on Wednesday November 25,2020.

“The management and Staff of Nzoia Sugar Company would like to appreciate the support of the Bungoma County government fire rescue team and all employees who took part in putting out the fire,” said Makokha.

Last month, the MD said that Kenya Revenue Authority had taken Sh20 million from the Firm’s account to repay its owed taxes hence making it difficult for the company to settle farmers payment on time.

“Am requesting the government to help us with enough funds to pay our farmers, meanwhile let our farmers who are the main stakeholders be patient a bit as we work on the plan to pay them,” he said.

Off late there has been a debate surrounding the leasing of Nzoia Sugar Factory and other firms something that has raised issues with human rights activists.

A Bungoma farmer and a lobby group member Jack Munialo moved to Bungoma high court to stop leasing of Nzoia sugar factory adding that it will deprive area residents of their rights to shareholding.

“The court granted me orders stopping the leasing until the matter is heard and determined, meanwhile the issue has been halted as we wait for the high court ruling,” said Munialo.


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