Dr.Eseli postpones Ford Kenya NDC over Registrar of political parties directive


Ford Kenya Secretary General Dr.Eseli Simiyu has postponed the much anticipated National Delegates Conference.

The meeting was slated to be held at Bomas of Kenya on November 21st.This he said was in compliance with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties directive.
The Registrar of political parties stopped the planned Ford Kenya NDC meeting that was slated for Saturday.
The meeting had planned by a faction led by Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, Tongaren Mp Eseli Simiyu and Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi.
The Tongaren Mp started that the preparations for the long overdue NDC are in top gear.
“The NDC was lawfully convened within the party constitution and the political parties act,” he wrote.
He added, “Indeed the Registrar of political parties through a letter dated 3rd November had flagged FK for contravening the party constitution by not holding an NDC since 2011 and gave us 30 days to be compliant,”.

He said it was unfortunate that Hon. Moses Wetang’ula and his team went to the political parties tribunal and simultaneously to the high court to obtain orders to stop the NDC.
“The high court issued another order stopping the NDC, with this order in hand, Wetang’ula team withdrew the other cases in the tribunal,” he said.
He said the order was then served on the ORPP, who has then given advice through a letter dated 18th November 2020 that the NDC be held after the high court matter is determined either way.
He said that the interim party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi and himself have appealed against the order in the court of appeal under the certificate of urgency.
“In the meantime the NDC scheduled for the 21st November 2020 is postponed awaiting the determination of the matters in court,”.
In a letter dated November 19, Eseli urged his members and supporters to exercise patience, remain calm, peaceful but steadfast, believing in their inalienable right to elect national officials to govern FK.

The faction carried out a coup which them successfully oust Moses Wetang’ula but he sought for solace at the high court.
In the letter, Office of the Registrar of political parties states clearly that there is a court order which should be observed and the party officials shouldn’t transact any business until the matter is heard and concluded.
The letter dated November 18 asks the two faction’s lawyers to adhere to the constitutional petition 197 of 2020 Ford Kenya vs registrar of political parties and others.

The letter is addressed to Wetang’ula’s lawyers Milimo, Muthomi and Co.advocates and Eseli’s lawyers  Rachier and Amollo advocates LLP.
It states, “Reference is made to the above subject matter and further to a letter dated November 18, 2020 by Milimo, Muthomi and company advocates whose contents are duly noted,”.
“This office is cognizant of the court orders emanating from the highlighted court matter. connectedly, the ORPP is bound to operate within parameters set under the law which includes adherence to court orders, as a result, decisions by either of the parties that contravene court orders have no legal effect,” read the letter.
The later continues, “The office notes that the elections of Ford Kenya national party officials are long overdue, it is therefore expected that the party shall hold elections once the court orders are either spent or vacated,”.

It goes on, ” Kindly note that the same was communicated to Ford Kenya vide letter dated November 3, 2020 ASA compliance matter,”.
The party will be required to follow the laid down procedures in the party constitution and take full consideration of the Covid-19 protocols when planning for the elections.


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