Sombre Mood In Bumula after a Young Man Drowns, Dies at Mayanja Bridge


A somber mood has engulfed a family in Syekumulo area, Bumula constituency after their son drowned and died on Mayanja bridge.

The family is now appealing for help from the area CDF and the county government to construct a better bridge along River Mayanja to help area residents.
Reports indicate that Gabriel Juma drowned and died while crossing the river.
“It is a sad morning to learn that we lost Gabriel, my brother was swept away by floods while crossing River mayanja from Mwomo village,” Said Evans Juma.
He started that, “This year we also lost a young man from Syekumulo who was swept away from the same bridge, these bridges are very low and a little rain they overflow. Our people underestimate the strength of the current and they end up being swept away,”. 
“Thanks bros. My brother has been retrieved from the river and certified death. Shine on your way brother Gabriel till we meet in paradise.” said Juma.
He said that as elites in the society it is their duty to point out such things so that priority is given, when we do it is not out of bitterness or hatred but for own good,” he said.

“Let us take it positively and engage, today it is the bridge tomorrow we can not tell. If funds are available we should call for proper utilisation to serve us.” Said a post on Bumula Oversight Group
The river is said to have claimed many lives with locals now blaming the government for failure to construct a bridge that can guarantee residents safety. 
The raging rains have caused havoc to lives and and it’s a wake up call to the County Government to offer sustainable solutions. 
Many bridges along river Mayanja starting from Tulumba, Mwomo, Myanga bridges are all risky and claiming lives of locals. 
This is despite the area Governor Wycliffe Wangamati claiming that the County has constructed many bridges in 3 years.

Bumula locals across social media have expressed disappointment by the County Government for failing to construct bridges and roads that has really affected mobility and claimed lives of many now. 
They call upon Wangamati,  Roads CEC Collins Mukhongo and Chief Officer Maurice Marango to offer solutions not words and promises. 
The deceased is an elder brother to Bumula Youth leader and health practitioner Evans Juma.


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