Webuye family scared after unknown people dump a coffin at their home


Residents of Sirandafu A village in Bokoli ward, Webuye West constituency, Bungoma County were left scared and shocked after unknown people dumped a casket fitted with a cross at a construction site.

The reason for dumping the witchcraft paraphernalia was not immediately known but the people behind it wanted to scare the owner from proceeding with her construction work.
The incident attracted many people who thronged the home to see for themselves the witchcraft paraphernalia which were eventually burnt by religious leaders.
The home belongs to Mama Marishano Kombi and it is likely that the people behind it wanted to unleash terror and scare and stop her from proceeding with the construction works.
Mahanga Sub Location Assistant Chief Festus Sangura condemned the incident and promised to catch up with the perpetrators.

“We have launched an investigation and will soon arrest the culprits, they will be punished for this heinous act,” he said.
Sangura stated that people are launching development projects while others are busy unleashing terror to cause fear and stagnate development.
“Religious leaders have already prayed and burnt the witchcraft paraphernalia including a casket and a cross was were dumped in the construction site,  the devil is already defeated,” he said.

He asked area residents to volunteer information that will help in arresting the culprit behind the scaring incident.

My name in Nanjalah born and raised in Sawa, then was known as Mahanga or Sirandafu village 
Nanjala Kombi states that, I live in North America that I have been for over 15 years.  
“I started putting up a little house for my mama at Sawa village but it came with lots of challenges, I mean I faced all sorts of challenges every time I tried to embark on it,” she said.

She added, “This year I thought of doing all I could to make sure the house is finished so my mom could occupy,”.  
She says that his late dad said “I would like you to educate my children who are your followers and build a house for my wife who is your mom, since you are my first born,”.
I’m almost finishing putting up that small house, for my mom, I will add few things and it will be over.  Last night which was yesterday in Kenya, I was waken up by my sister who told me, mom had called her and said.

“Someone unknown had come to our home, at the main gate which is under construction and left something that looked like a box, rubbed in a new red material with a cross put over it. That looked like a coffin.  I got scared and I’m scared to death,” she said in her FB page.


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