Magoha Reduced To A Lame Duck After PSC Appoints Belio Kipsang To Carry On Key Duties


The Public Service Commission (PSC) has withdrawn the power to manage the human resource functions from Education CS Prof.Magoha.

PSC had delegated Magoha all the powers which it says he has abused them.
PSC has now stripped key functions from him with immediate effect. The Commission has designated the Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Richard Belio Kipsang, to be in charge of all human resource matters in the ministry.
PSC Chairman Stephen Kirogo in a circular addressed to chairpersons of Public Universities Councils and copied to the Head of Public Service Dr Joseph Kinyua, said all human resource matters requiring the attention of the Public Service Commission shall henceforth be handled by Dr Kipsang as Authorized Officer of the Ministry until further notice.
Mr Kirogo noted that the move was in exercise of the Commission’s powers and commitment to protect public servants against undignified and unwarranted attacks, reiterating that the execution of delegated authority is designed to foster public confidence and maintain the integrity and dignity of the public service.

“The purpose of this general letter is to inform you that in view of the recent incident in the Ministry of Education relating to the role of the Authorized Officer, the Commission has in the meantime withdrawn the delegation of its powers and functions from the Cabinet Secretary, Prof. George Magoha,” read the circular.
It added, the same powers has been delegated to the Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education, Dr. Richard Belio Kipsang, CBS with immediate effect,”.
In a press release released by Browne Kutswa the communication director in the public service commission says that the Cabinet Secretaries as Chief Executive Officers of Ministries and State Departments are designated as Authorized Officers exercising delegated powers and functions of the Public Service Commission in the management of the human resource under their purview.  
“In the circular, the Commission calls upon Authorized Officers to act in a manner that is consistent with provisions of the Constitution, applicable statutory requirements, regulations, policies, guidelines and manuals for effective management of the public service including public Universities,” said Kutswa.

Magoha indecently abused Uasin Gishu director of education in front of his juniors and pupils something that created an outrage from Kenyans including Kuppet.
He had adamantly refused to apologize even after Kenyans asked him.


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