Parents will have to continue staying with their children at home until January 2021 when schools will reopen afresh.

This was disclosed by President Uhuru Kenyatta who said that all classes will resume in person learning in January.
Speaking during the state of covid-19 address, Kenyatta said that this is a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus.
“The in person learning will resume in January 2021, this is when the spiking covid-19 would have reduced,” he said.
The head of state also said that all examination classes will continue with learning as they prepare for the national examination in March next year.
“Am telling all the candidates to follow the heightened healthy measures so that they do not contract the disease, they should all be masked up and ensure that all protocols are followed to the latter,” he said.
Schools were closed in March 2020 after the increase of the global pandemic covid-19.
Examination classes Grade four, Standard 8 and Form four resumed learning on October 2.

The President also suspended all political public rallies and gatherings for 60 days.
“All political gatherings have therefore been suspended for the next two months because people have been meeting in those rallies minus face masks, it is a dangerous trend,” he said.
Kenyatta also extended curfew to 3rd of January, from 10pm to 4am while all bars to close by 10pm.


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