BBI Report Doesn’t Capture What Majority Kenyans Wanted, Panel Beat It -Bishop Ndeda


The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report does not capture what some Kenyans wanted to see and especially the Church.

Bishop Hudson Ndeda who is the National Chairman of Church and Clergy Association of Kenya says it is good progress but the President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga should give an ear to descending voices if indeed it is meant to unite Kenyans.

“If for example it is meant to address inclusivity, what stops the President from appointing a Prime minister and deputies  from his tribe or his own party? it must be clear maybe something needs to be added that the President will appoint the Prime Minister and two deputies, they will not be from his tribe or party in order to address the issue of inclusivity,” he said.
The Clergy added, “It must be clear maybe something needs to be added that if the President appoints the Prime Minister and two deputies, they should come from his tribe or party in order to address the issue of exclusivity,”.
Ndeda who is the presiding Bishop at Bethel Christian Pentecostal Church said that the Clergies appeared before the BBI team at the Laico regency and voiced their concerns.
He says that they asked BBI team to that the registrar of societies must separate the Church matters including registration from societies.

“Currently there is a moratorium on Church registration,we asked it be lifted before we support the report, we also asked for Christian courts to deal with matters similar to Kadhis court,” he said.
The Clergy also asked that the marriage act be re-looked into,currently it is becoming expensive for our young men and women in Church to marry because of the charges at the marriage registrar.
“Freedom of worship has not been respected in this country, it has been worse under Jubilee government, we needed a clear article talking about this and much more,” said Bishop Ndeda.
He continued, “Can the BBI experts show us the above in their report? if the President and former Prime minister will not give an ear to the different views expressed  by some Kenyans,let them know that they will be forcing it on Kenyans and it will be resisted through our votes,”.
Ndeda stated that they must be convinced beyond doubt that the report is meant to unite Kenyans than dividing them as it is, ‘we are already divided’.

“If the above issues are not addressed and every other groups of interest listened to,  let it be known it is going to attract two camps of no and yes,something we can avoid, give the BBI team more time to listen to the voices raised and include their wishes,” said the Church leader.


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