Steve Biko Super Cup Attracts 100 Teams In Webuye West


The Honourable Steve Biko Super Cup tournament has started in earnest in Webuye West constituency.

The tournament kicked off on October 10 and its finals will be held on January 2, 2021.

Biko says that the tournament mission is to ‘empower, to nurture and sustain the best talents in the country’.

Biko said that already over 100 teams are participating in this tournament under different disciplines including football, netball, Rugby, legball, basketball and volleyball.

The Webuye West politician emphasized that the purpose of the tournament is to make sure that he creates enough attention across the country to attract scouts who can come to look for the talent in the region.

Biko who is one of the Mulembe Youth Movement leaders stated that he is not using the games to manipulate youths but to empower, bring them together and engage them so that they belong somewhere.

“This tournament is being run as a proper super league tournament, it will run for three months and the players rest for another three months, this is to encourage them to regain the energy they had lost during the previous games,” he said.

Biko is grateful to Kenya Football Federation (KFF), Coaches, Referees and team Biko supporters across the constituency.

“The award scheme is very attractive, the tournament is run by the constituency football management committee, this is to enable them identify the best players and have them awarded for displaying good skills,” he said.

He added, “They will be rewarded according to their discipline, encouraging players , those who will have met all the requirements and the team that played all the odds will be awarded Sh20,000, Sh15,000 and Sh10,000 respectfully,” he said.

He said that stage two will be awarded Sh30,000, Sh20,000 and Sh10,000 and other teams will get a ball each.

“I believe that everyone is a winner when it comes to talent, we need someone to help us nurture our talents, the purpose is to ensure everyone comes out to support their sons and daughters who will be participating in sports,” he said.

He stated that Webuye West has produced the best sportspersons in different sporting disciplines who are not mentioned anywhere and the tournament will help scout for talents.

The winning team will bag Sh100,000, second one Sh70,000 and the third will go home with Sh50,000.

He stated that the top four teams will be awarded T-shirts branded Webuye Lite Industry that has been launched in Webuye while other teams will be given a ball each other to encourage them work hard.

“The management will monitor all the best players, discipline players, promising careers and put them together so that they can be sponsored by Webuye Lite Industries, a factory that was launched in Webuye town,” he said.

He called on youths to support the tournament and ensure that they succeed together and have hope in new leadership to help take Webuye West forward.


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