Prayers and Observing Covid-19 Protocols Will Save Kenyans -Bungoma Interfaith Network Leaders


Bungoma County Religious leaders have urged area residents to adhere to the government covid-19 protocols to help stop conducting the global pandemic.

Addressing the Press in Bungoma town on October 22, 2020, the clerics led by Bishop Calistus Barasa who is the chairman of Bungoma County Interreligious Council of Kenya said that they had mounted prayers in all corners of the county to endure that the disease is wiped out.
“As Bungoma Interfaith Network, we want to thank God for giving us the grace of handling the issues of Covid-19 with sobriety,”.
He continued, “As religious leaders we mounted a strong prayer drive across the county to pray for our people, encourage them and sensitize them on how to remain vigilant by adhering ministry of health protocols,”.
He emphasised on the protection and support that was offered by the county and national government during the sensitization and creating awareness on Covid-19.

The Cleric pointed out that since President Uhuru Kenyatta opened the worship places through the advice from the interfaith council, they have adhered to the health measures.
“We upon our people to remain vigilant and cautious, keep themselves and their loved ones safe, Corona pandemic is still dangerous and we are asking people to adhere to all health measures,” he said.
The network also requested the government not to flex its surveillance but continue to check and not allow people to take advantage and return to normal life before the situation is conducive.
On peace and security in the county, Bishop Barasa asked leaders to be cautious as they address Kenyans so as to avoid unnecessary animosities and chaos.
“Our common citizens have never been a problem to each other but at times our leaders have evoked heightened emotive situations that end up causing unnecessary tension,” he said.
He called on the head of state to bring all stakeholders on board during the national conversation over BBI engagement.

“We also request that the BBI draft books to reach people early enough for them to read and make informed decisions,” he said.
The Chairman called on the President to continue embracing the engagements and advice of religious leaders during the testing moments in the country so that they can make Godly decisions.
His sentiments were echoed by the chairman of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops who is also the presiding priest of Christ the King Catholic Church Bungoma Fr.Christopher Wanyonyi who asked leaders to preach peace.

“We as religious leaders we are calling on all elected leaders to unite and stop infighting so that development can be achieved,”.
For.Wanyonyi said that a cool environmental allows business to thrive and and development achieved.
Bishop George Mechumo who is the chairman National Council of Churches of Kenya and Bungoma County ACK Bishop said that the handshake created a peaceful environmental.

“The handshake between President Uhuru and opposition leader Raila Odinga as created harmony and peace in the country and as Kenyans we need to embrace it fully,” he said.
Bishop Mechumo said that they need to read the BBI report as religious leaders so that they can be able to advice the government and will support the constitutional change for the betterment of this country.


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