Let’s Promote Our Culture Through Art –Urges Gubernatorial Candidate Sophy Nekoye


The event will be held at Wild Destiny Park Hotel opposite Salmond hotel on Kanduyi-Sikata highway on October 31.

Residents of Western Region have been urged to promote their culture through arts such as music, drama and modeling.

A 2022 Bungoma county gubernatorial candidate Mama Sophy Nekoye Waliaula says that the Western region culture is fading away because people are embracing Western Country’s culture and forgetting their own.

Nekoye who identifies herself as an advocate for the youth and women is calling for the transformative leadership that will protect and promote ‘Our culture’.

The Kibabii University Quality Management systems senior Administrator and part-time Lecturer has been scheduled as the guest of honour during an event dubbed ‘Promoting Western Region culture through arts’.

The event will be held at Wild Destiny Park Hotel opposite Salmond hotel on Kanduyi-Sikata highway on October 31.

She says promoting culture is the best way locals can identify themselves from the rest of the people.

During the live event there will be categories to be showcased like performance from local artists, drama, modeling, Mr and Mrs Culture Western Kenya, local brews like Busaa will be served among others.

“We are protecting our culture from fading away, we are protecting its existence so that the next generation can understand it better, we will also be empowering youths, promoting traditional dressing, promoting our traditional circumcision among others,” said Nekoye.

She added that they will also be empowering the girl child to stop early pregnancies which leads to dropping out of schools.

“We will be encouraging them to return back to schools and acquire formal education so that they can depend on themselves in future, getting pregnant is not the end of life,” said Nekoye.

The politician also called on parents to stop being harsh on kids until they can’t open up on problems facing them.

She stated that youths are idle during this Corona pandemic period and as such they need to be engaged in some activities that will empower them economically instead of sitting pretty and waiting to be helped.

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop and as such we have lined up a number of activities including distribution of pads for girls so that they can’t be lured by men into sexual activities which endangers their lives,” she said.


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