Bungoma Prison Partially Shut Down Following Outbreak Of Covid-19


Bungoma GK prison has been closed by the ministry of health and sanitation after 118 inmates tested Covid-19 positive.

The inmates were tested and were found positive of the global pandemic hence the decision to shut down the prison.
Bungoma county health and sanitation executive Dr.Antony Walela has declared the epicentre of Coronavirus after a large number of prisoners tested positive of the global pandemic Coronavirus.
Bungoma GK prison has over 900-1,000 and those who have been found positive have been secluded in a different room under home based care monitored by public health officers.
Speaking in Bungoma, Dr.Walela announced the prison a no go zone for any person.
Five of them were found asymptomatic that’s why they are having signs of covid-19 positive.

“We have closed the correctional facility down, no inmate or the workers will be allowed to move in or out of it, we are not allowing them to interact with other people to help minimize spreading of Covid-19.
He said that out of 118 prisoners, Nine of them were remandees who were released on bond, went home and are interacting with families, friends and relatives outside there.

Dr. Walela disclosed that five of those found positive of the disease have been taken to Webuye isolation centre.
“We have dispatched our officers to do contact tracing for the nine remandees who were released from the correctional facility on bond, we are sure of arresting and taking them to Webuye Isolation Centre,” said Walela.
Walela stated that so far there are eight people positive people at Webuye isolation centre and they include five men and three women.
“So far we have tested 184 people who turned positive and the ministry had said that the county is likely to record 520 positive people before it ends,” said Walela.

He said that people have gone back to the normal life and emphasised on the need of them observing all the health directives.
“Let’s observe all the health protocols, stop greeting each other, the second wave of covid-19 is likely to be dangerous,” he said.


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