Courts Won’t Save You, You Are A Former FK party leader’ -Wamunyinyi Tells Wetang’ula


Ford Kenya party leadership wrangles seems to be far from over if the sentiments by Kanduyi Mp is anything to go by.

Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati, Tongaren Mp Eseli Simiyu and Wamunyinyi staged a coup in Ford to remove Moses Wetang’ula as the party leader something that led to court battles.

While addressing mourners in Bungoma town on Saturday during the hiring of the former Bungoma municipal mayor Eliud Wanyonyi, Wamunyinyi reiterated that despite clinging in court, Wetang’ula is a gone case.

He emphasised that the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) made the changes and it should be redeemed to attract more members.”The court issues will be handled well, it won’t save Wetang’ula, he had enough time but he never rejuvenated the party, the court will finally rule in favour of me,” said Wamunyinyi.

He added that Wetang’ula should plan to move out and stop hiding in court.”There will be no selling of tickets any more, we want to help the party, aspirants will be picked according to their ability to lead,” said Wamunyinyi.Wamunyinyi pointed out that Wetang’ula announced to run for presidency in 2013, 2017 and now in 2022 but he has never been in the ballot.

The legislator stated that the Bungoma senator has been running for presidency without ever finishing, when is he going to finish running for the Presidency?

“Wetang’ula doesn’t understand  Ford Kenya politics, I will convene the national delegates Congress to teach him a lesson by kicking him out  let him stop campaigning in Bungoma alone,” said the law maker

On Covid-19, he asked the government to use the budget set aside for travelling allowances abroad for Mps, MCAs and different departmental heads.

“Plans are underway to open schools but they lack infrastructures, there are no just classes and desks, let the funds that had been set aside for travel be used,” he said.

Wamunyinyi stated that the funds set aside should be used to purchase face masks for learners to help them when resuming schooling.

“There is a new wave of corona, the last three days it has hit 10 percent.The money will be used to address them challenges in our schools,” he said


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