Kipsigon OCS and Clinical Officer in trouble for conspiring to protect a police officer accused of defilement


A lobby group Western Kenya Human Rights Watch is demanding for an OCS and a clinical officer to be arrested and prosecuted for conspiring to defeat justice.

The duo are alleged to have conspired to deny the victim opportunity to write a statement and filling the medical report erroneously to aid the suspected defiler defeat justice.
Addressing the press, Bwonya claimed that the duo should be held responsible for using their authority to weaken a defilement case where a police officer attached to Kipsigon police station in Kopsiro division allegedly defiled a 16 years form 2 student of Kikai Secondary School in Cheptais Sub County on August 2, 2020.
The police officers have dragged the matter for 2 months by intimidating the victim and witnesses.
The suspected defiler is said to have sent a barmaid to pick up the girl to the station which is 100 meters from their home for ‘interrogation’ over a matter she did not understand while her mother had gone to do shopping for the family at Kipsigon market.

The girl was not taken to the station by the barmaid but  to a police canteen next to a bar which had been closed down after the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus.
“My daughter confessed before us and the policeman that he brought soft drinks to the girl but after taking some seeps she became drowsy and drunk as the policeman raped her, “said Everlyne Chemiat Ngeywo, the mother of the girl.
Ms Ngeywo said that one of her sons reported to her that he had spotted her teenage sister at the police canteen in the company of the policeman and appeared totally drunk.
“I rushed to the place at 6.30 pm and caught him in one of the rooms with my daughter who was totally drunk. The girl only said’ mum let’s go home’ as he shouted that it was late for us to be on that compound.
Ngeywo put up a spirited fight and reported to the OCS in the company of her 3 sons, the victim, and the barmaid who witnessed the saga.
“As we were explaining the matter to the OCS, the defiler pounced on my sons with blows and whips as the helpless OCS watched. He arrested the victim and the barmaid, locked them in the cells, and told me to go home and come back in the morning. He again stopped the OCS from taking the statements which were very strange to me,” she said.

“They wanted to frame charges against her that she was a drunkard and disorderly in the police compound but it did not hold water according to his workmates,”.
The 47-year-old mother said that her daughter was unconditionally released on August 3 when she went back but the OCS denied her a chance to report the matter.
“The OCS who had appeared innocent at first chased us away after we requested that they take a statement from the victim” said the mother.
“I sought help from a civil society officer who advised us to go to Kopsiro health center for examination and  treatment on August 3  which we did,” she added.
She said that she went back to the police station in the company of the civil society leader and key witnesses to register our complaint. The OCS gave them an OB no 12/04/08/2020 but refused to take her statement, the witnesses, and the victim.
“He told us he can’t take our statements but chased us away claiming that he had opened up an inquiry,” said the mother.
She added, “We  made efforts to contact  Bwonya, the executive director of  the Western Kenya Human rights Watch organization and a KUPPET senior official who took us to the OCPD, Cheptais where we recorded our statements,”.
Bwonya said that the matter has not moved a step forward since senior police officers are trying to assist the offender.

“It is unfortunate that Cheptais DCI, a close relative of the rogue officer, the OCS are deliberately obstructing the due course of justice. They should be punished,” she said.
Bwonya said that Dr.Kipsang Masai should be charged for deliberately indicating on the P3 form that the alleged defilement incident had taken place 18 days before he examined her.
“How can he say that when he treated the girl on August,3 and obtained the P 3 on August,4? What is he trying to achieve by deliberately changing dates? He posed
Bwonya said that the OCS and the doctor should be punished.
“The two should be punished for wilful neglect to perform duties and laying a syndicate to defeat justice.
He wondered why they changed the dates on P3 form and a medical report to assist a police officer involved in the defilement matter to evade justice.
clinical officer kipsigon center who wanted to weaken the case and defeat justice for the minor.
“The clinical office became an accomplice by conspiring  with the accused to deliberately fill wrong information on  the P3 form contrary to a medical report he himself developed earlier on,” said Bwonya.
“The clinical officer treated the minor on August 3, 2020 as the minor had gone to the facility 14 hrs after the incident but he mischievously said that the victim had gone to the facility after 18 days” he said.
“We know the Bungoma DPPs office is being fed with misleading information specifically by the medical officer who has filled the P3 form to aid the perpetrator to escape justice,”
Cheptais DCI boss Kisingu Mutiso said that he was investigating the matter.
“We are completing our investigations this month before we hand over the file to the Sub County DCI office for perusal and advise,” said Mutiso.


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