Lusaka asks Oparanya to slow down on threats to shut down counties, wait for presidential assent on the bill


Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has called on the council of governors to go slow on its threats to shut down counties on lack of funds.

Speaking in Bungoma, Lusaka asked CoG chairman Wycliffe Oparanya to wait for President Uhuru Kenyatta to assent to the bill on division of revenue allocation this week.
“Am asking the CoG chairman to wait a bit, the President will assent to the bill once he arrives from France, it might be Tuesday this week, once the bill is in place the funds will be disbursed to counties,” he said.
Lusaka called for patience before the shut down because all the services will be paralyzed and many people will suffer.
Lusaka lauded president Uhuru Kenyatta for opening up churches.

“Church play an important role in fighting the ills in the society, let’s respect the roles we have been given,” he said.
He castigated a know all type leaders in Western region who are fond of bringing others down, let’s nurture each others, let’s learn empower each other.
On the other hand the Council of governors (CoG) has threatened to shut down all devolved units over lack of funds.
CoG Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya pointed out that so far no money has been disbursed to counties yet they need to continue operating.

Speaking in Kakamega Saturday, Oparanya accused the treasury of continuing delaying disbursement of cash to counties yet they are supposed to pay salaries and continue launching development projects.
“We will not continue operating this way, we need money to pay salaries and launching projects, we can’t do this minus funds, we need money disbursed or else we will soon shut down devolved units and send workers home,” he threatened.

Oparanya reiterated that despite passing the third generation revenue sharing formula, nothing has taken place so far and the national government has gone mute.
The CoG Chairman stated that the best way to force the treasury to release the cash to counties is by paralyzing operations through sending employees home.
“We are tired of being played around, we are not going to stomach it anymore, they either release the cash to counties or we close all services,” he said.

Counties need enough money to launch development projects and deal with the wage bill.


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