Senator Malala Kicked Out As The Mulembe Youth Movement Spokesperson -Secretariat


Mulembe Youth Movement has abolished the position of the Spokesman hence kicking out Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala. 

In a press release the Movement secretariate has refuted to reports that it had convened a meeting in Vihiga County today (Saturday).
MYM says that the meeting purpotedly convened at Idavaga primary school in Vihiga county and purportedly to be addressed by Youthful leaders led by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala and ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna is null and void.
Police are alleged to have cordoned the venue to stop the meeting.
However, the executive secretariat of the Mulembe Youth Movement has come out and stated clearly that they haven’t organized any meeting and the said one is a private meeting organized by Malala.
“We wish to communicate on July 11, 2020, youth delegates drawn Bungoma, Busia, Vihiga and Trans Nzoia counties converged in Kakamega for the inception of the Mulembe Youth Movement,” read the press release.

It added, “Key among the goals for MYM is the liberation of our people from the proverbial shackles of poverty, destitution and lack of and or poor representation by the political class,”.
According to a Secretariat member Steve Biko, Alex Matere and Edwin Sifuna, they averred that people in Western Region have become disenchanted, disillusioned and dissatisfied by the current crop of leaders who are inured by self centricism at the expense of the Mulembe Nation. 
“MYM would therefore seek to provide alternative leadership that is respectful, 
non confrontational and honorable to all the leaders of the region as we seek to open a new leadership dispensation that is centred on our people,” they said. 
They continued, “The Political Council comprising of Saboti Mp Caleb Amisi, ANC nominated Mp Godfrey Osotsi and ODM SG Edwin Sifuna working with the Secretariat and with the endorsement of the delegates endorsed Malala as the Spokesperson for the MulembeYouth Movement (MYM) tasked with the duty of communicating the decisions and deliberations of the MYM Political Council, the Secretariat and members of the movement,”.

The trio said that over time though, Malala has unilaterally expanded his mandate, usurped the powers of the Political Council, the Secretariat and the membership and transformed himself into an incarnation of Iddi Amin. 
“He has registered MYM as a CBO listing himself as the sole trustee, opened offices, employed hangers-on as staff,drafted a constitution, commissioned a logo-creation competition with miserly rewards to the youths who will participate, created falsified movement structures that glorify his assumed role of CEO akin to the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. 
They added that Malala has also set up a website which is to act as an outlet for his propaganda, and taken positions on public policy issues under the guise of the MYM, without due consultation. 
The statement also revealed that in the midst of this interregnum Malala created powerful enemies in the course of the 3rd Generation Revenue Sharing debate, cantakerously labeled and belittled the Mulembe Nation leadership and brought disrepute to MYM across the political divide. 
They said that he went further to open multiple battle fronts with national and regional leaders, key institutions of government and his peers at the Political Council of MYM where the ideological differences remain irreconcilable.

“Malala has carried himself both in public and private in a manner that conflicts, dents, injures and does not espouse the aspirations of the Mulembe Youth Movement and the spirit of our people,” read the statement.
They said that the Secretariat in consultation with the Political Council of Mulembe Youth Movemet, hereby inform the general public, the Mulembe Nation and the leadership that the position of the Spokesman of the movement is hereby abolished.
Forthwith, the Political Council led by Hon. Amisi, Hon. Osotsi and Hon. Sifuna in consultation with the Secretariat have taken full charge of the Movement and will in due course offer direction to our people.
“That Malala ceases all activities and operations listed above, purportedly on behalf of MYM with immediate effect,” they said.
He continued, “Consequently, this notice serves as a caveat emptor to the general public not to transact any business with the aforementioned in or on behalf of MYM,”. 


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