Bungoma: ‘Ruto gave me Sh50,000 and promised to buy me a car’ reveals man living with disabilities


“Dr.Ruto told me to be patient as his team works on the logistics of getting me a vehicle, I hope my Mp Mwambu Mabongah will follow it up so that I get one soonest,” said Weyombo

Do you remember the man living with disabilities who broke the security barrier to access the deputy president Dr.William Ruto while leading a funds drive in Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County last Sunday?

Well, his real identity can now be revealed; Fred Juma Wanjala alias Weyombo is a jovial man who is liked and hated in equal measures by his neighbours and friends.

He is a no nonesense man who when mocked will go vulgur and at the same time can lead in singing hymns in a church being a staunch Catholic follower.

A visit to his home in Sifunamie ‘A’ village, Tabuti sub location in South Bukusu Ward, we get him looking after his only cow that he says he bought from the transport he was given by the deputy president.

“As you can see, this cow I bought after the deputy president gave me something small on Sunday at Bumula stadium, I really appreciate him, he is a nice guy,” said Wanjala.

He says that on the material day he hadn’t planned to meet the deputy president, I attended the fundraising meeting just like any other person.

“Something struck me, God gave me strength to break through the tight security barrier to access him, surely he noticed me when I was a few metres from him and asked he asked his body guards to let me access the high table,” said Wanjala

He stated that the deputy president then moved Mumias East Mp Ben Washiali from his seat and ushered him to sit on his chair.

“We engaged in a sensational chit chat for close to Seven minutes where I asked him to buy me a car that will ease my movement as I engage in small businesses to make ends meet, he also ordered his personal assistant to give me Sh50,000, ” he said.

Wanjala says that it was not easy for him because he kept on sweating and trembling all along and only thinking how his life will change all of a sudden because of the golden opportunity he got.

“Dr.Ruto told me to be patient as his team works on the logistics of getting me a vehicle, I hope my Mp Mwambu Mabongah will follow it up so that I get one soonest,” said a father of five.

Wanjala is married to two women; he dropped out of school in class five and has been engaging in subsistence farming in his one and a half acres piece of land.

He was born a normal child in 1969 but was hit by Polio after two years because his parents were ignorant and couldn’t take him for immunization.

Wanjala has vowed to campaign for Dr.Ruto to ensure he wins the presidency in 2022.

“He is down to earth, he listens and cares, I would not have succeeded if it wasn’t for him, if elected the president Kenya will be a nice country and he will improve the economy,” he said.

His first wife Mary Nanyama Wanjala, a mother of Nine but only four are alive after five children died, lauded the deputy President for changing their lives.

“Am very happy with my husband meeting Ruto, he has managed to buy a cow which will eventually help them in raising fees for our children,” he said.

Juliana Nafula, their neighbor said that they were surprised by the courage that was depicted by Mr.Wanjala.

“He has made us proud, the little money he was given will now help his family, he is an industrious man  who always loves his family and neighbours,he has created  many friends,” said Nafula.

Bumula Mp Mwambu Mabonga lauded Mr.Wanjala for displaying courage and meeting the deputy president.

“Wanjala is my number one supporter, he will always guard my votes, I will follow up with the deputy president to ensure that he fulfills his pledge, he currently uses a tri-cycle to move around and it is sometimes tricky for him when it rains,” said the law maker.


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