Why Infotrak ranked Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa the best Mp in Bungoma


Barasa was ranked at 66.5 percent by Infotrak followed closely with Mt Elgon Mp Fred Chesebe Kapondi at 56.4 percent.

Kimilili Mp Didmus was ranked top most legislator by a research firm infotrak over prudent use of NG-CDF.

The first time youthful Jubilee legislator was ranked the best performing law maker in Bungoma county beating other eight legislators.

The Fourth most populous county in the country has nine constituencies which include Kimilili, Mt Elgon, Tongaren, Sirisia, Kabuchai, Webuye West,Webuye East,Kanduyi and Bumula.

Barasa was ranked at 66.5 percent by Infotrak followed closely with Mt Elgon Mp Fred Chesebe Kapondi at 56.4 percent.

The law maker is phenomenal with the construction of storeyed classrooms in various schools and phasing out mud walled buildings that were built just after independence.

“I have developed my constituency because I love my people and I don’t want to see them suffering, it calls for commitment, not that I have more money,the little I get from CDF kitty is properly utilized to the betterment of Kimilili,” he said.

Barasa added, “setting up huge projects that needs millions of money is not a joke, I have to ensure that every corner of my constituency succeeds through getting a share of the government project, that’s my motto,”.

The legislator has build eight classrooms storey buildings at Matili primary school, Nasianda primary school, Kamusinde primary school, Chesamisi primary school and Kamukuywa primary school.

He has also built 13 classrooms at Siuna primary school and Buko primary schools in Maeni Ward.

“I have constructed 8 classrooms at Namakhele primary school, Makhonge primary school, Misikhu main SDA, Allan Bradley primary school, Daraja Mungu primary school, Misikhu main SDA primary school and building 6 Classrooms at Namasanda primary school,” he said.

The law maker has also phased out grass thatched houses in his constituency and replaced them with iron sheets ones.

During the release of the research results on Sunday, Tongaren Mp Eseli Simiyu of Tongaren garnered the third position at 56.3 percent, Sirisia Mp John Waluke managed to clinch number four slot at 55.2 percent while the fifth slot was taken by Kabuchai Mp James Lusweti with 53.2 percent.

Lusweti was closely followed by Alfred Sambu Mp Webuye East who was ranked sixth at 53.1 percent while his Webuye West counterpart Daniel Wanyama was ranked seventh at 49.2 percent.

Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi was ranked the second last at position eight at 48.2 percent and only defeated Mabongah of Bumula constituency.

Mabongah was ranked position nine and the last one by the pollster at 47.9 percent.


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