Bumula Youths Read Malice, Bribery Claims In The Infotrak Report Which Ranked Area Mp Last In Bungoma


Wakhuleka stated that the agency did not question the residents of Bumula and they might have cooked figures in Nairobi and ranked their Mp last.

A section of youths drawn from Bumula constituency have dismissed the Infotrak research that ranked area Mp Mwambu Mabonga last in Bungoma County.

Infotrak in a report released on Sunday ranked Bumula number nine out of nine constituencies in the county in the use and performance of NG-CDF.

Youths led by Andrew Wakhuleka stated that it was wrong for the polister to rank Bumula last yet the area law maker has performed outstandingly in the prudent use of CDF funds.

“If there is an Mp that has performed real well it is Mabongah, he has real done much, he has built schools, revamped road network and connected many households with electricity,” he said. 

He added that the agency did not question the residents of Bumula and they might have cooked figures in Nairobi and ranked their Mp last.

“We are the people who voted for him and we don’t want any visitor to rank our Mp yet they did not participate in electing him, in the infotrak committee nobody comes from Bumula,” said Wakhuleka.

He pointed out that they don’t trust in the research and as such they will always defend their Mp.

His sentiments were echoed by Calistus Ali who defended Mr.Mabonga by challenging the statistics and methodology they used in ranking him last.

“He has revamped the KeRRA roads, he has revamped schools in the constituency and constructed flashlights in major markets hence the projects are seen and felt by locals,” said Ali.

Nickson Simiyu stated that the law maker has transformed Bumula constituency and his score card is well seen and residents can attest to it

“Infotrak is doing business and there are claims of its officials asking for money to rank Mps in the best positions so far during their research,” he said.

Bumula Constituency Youth Association (Bucoya) Vice Chairman Joyce Wafula distanced themselves from the sentiments by their chairman where he accused the Mp of segregating youths and challenged him to respect the constituency leadership.

“Bucoya supports the leadership of the day where the Mp will in turn reciprocate by supporting  the youth empowerment programs that can empower them economically,” she said.

Kimilili Mp Didmus Barasa ranked top performer by infotrack while Bumula Mp was ranked the last one in Bungoma County

Mabongah was ranked position nine and the last one by the pollster at 47.9 percent.

Barasa was ranked at 66.5 percent followed closely with Mt Elgon Mp Fred Chesebe Kapondi at 56.4 percent.

The third position was taken by Eseli Simiyu of Tongaren constituency at 56.3 percent, Sirisia Mp John Waluke managed to clinch number four slot at 55.2 percent while the fifth slot was taken by Kabuchai Mp James Lusweti with 53.2 percent.

 Lusweti was closely followed by Alfred Sambu Mp Webuye East who was ranked sixth at 53.1 percent while his Webuye West counterpart Daniel Wanyama was ranked seventh at 49.2 percent.

Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi was ranked the second last at position eight at 48.2 percent and only defeated Mabongah of Bumula constituency.


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