Appoint Prof.Siamba the DVC Administration, Finance and Development at Kibabii University



Thank you ladies and gentlemen from the. Allow me ventilate on the very critically important issue of Kibabii University Succession Politics.

A new storm is gathering, the sea is furiously swelling and the night ahead is long, dark and uncertain. 
Like Chinua Achebe observed, “a toad does not jump during daytime for no reason”. 
I have closely followed the brewing succession storm and the common rhetoric flies in the face of the basic ethics and norms that have been  established all over in this country. 
Our position is and remains solidly in approval of Prof Donald Siamba Namasaka for the position of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration Finance and Development.

Siamba is an associate professor of microbiology and biotechnology at Kibabii university.
He has been holding the position in an acting capacity since the resignation of Prof Shem Aywa.
We feel strongly convinced, just like the other communities in Kenya, that having our very own, who understands our needs and appreciates our peculiarity.
“Let him be granted the position not merely because he is our son but because he has the requisite qualifications and comprehensively understands his job description,” 
Indeed Nelson Mandela did point out that ” if you speak to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his mind, but when you speak to a man in his language, that goes to his heart” 

We want our own, speaking to us in our own language (at least no literally), to reach our hearts and impact us profoundly. 
Just like  Moi University deemed our own Prof Laban Airo unfit to lead on grounds insufficient understanding of local community’s needs and dynamics, we hold the same for any other contender outside the confines of the luhya community!
Wekola Musoma

Kibabii University Alumni Chairperson


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