Wamunyinyi tells Kagwe to stop unfruitful press addresses and deal with truck drivers


Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi has faulted Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe over what he termed regular unfruitful press addresses.

The law maker stated that Kagwe should concentrate on unravelling the puzzle causing the increasing cases of COVID-19 instead of of issuing helpless media conferences.
“We are tired of seeing him or his juniors addressing the press daily on our Television sets yet the real problem is not being handled, we need answers or else our people are at risk of contracting this disease,” warned Wamunyinyi.
He asked Kagwe to consult transport cabinet Secretary so that they can address the truck drivers menace in Bungoma county.

The law maker said that the real agents spreading Corona are truck drivers and if they aren’t checked the issue may worsen too much.
He pointed out that the situation on Malaba-Nairobi Northern Corridor is a time bomb in waiting if the issue is not handled on time.
“We urge Kenya and Uganda governments through the ministry of foreign affairs to engage in serious talks so that we can reduce the chances of endangering our people’s lives along the highway,” said Wamunyinyi.
Speaking in Kanduyi market on May 24, Wamunyinyi lamented on the long queues of trucks plying the Mombasa-Malaba Northern Corridor.

Two truck drivers are among the two cases of people who have tested positive in Bungoma County.
The Mp decried their existence in Bungoma towns and markets adding that they were a major threat considering that they mingle with the locals.
So far the trucks have stretched for over 40 kilometers all the way from Malaba border town in Busia County to Sikata market in Kanduyi, Bungoma County.
“The Minister for health should wake up and stop these unfruitful media addresses yet we are having a different situation on the ground,” he said.
The legislator added, “We need to see implementations of programs on the ground from the money that was allocated and approved by the national assembly,”.
He observed that having press briefs without action on the ground the government will be doing zero work and money people will continue contracting the disease.

Wamunyinyi asked the government to put up many screening centres along the highway to screen drivers and fumigatr their trucks.
“We should not wait for drivers to be tested in Uganda yet we have the capacity to do the same to ease the situation and dicongest the highway from trucks,” he said.



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