Wamunyinyi donates 4,400 face masks to Boda boda riders to combat Corona


It was a moment of joy for 4,400 Kanduyi constituency Boda boda riders as they received face masks donation to combat the deadly global pandemic coronovirus.
The face masks were issued for free by Kanduyi Mp Wafula Wamunyinyi who asked the riders to be Keen while carrying on with their businesses.

“Transport sector has been categorized has one of the front line sectors which can easily transmit COVID-19, this is the reason I chose to give them this sanitary items to help fight the disease that is ravaging the World,” said Wamunyinyi.
Speaking at Bungoma Members Club on May 23, the law maker advised the riders to be putting on protective gears including face masks to avoid contracting Corona.
He urged them to be carrying one pillion passenger who are also putting on face masks to help fight the pandemic.

“Our people do interact with truck drivers using the Northern corridor road, they have families with us, let’s not ignore the government directives, if you protect yourself you would have protected even your family and friends,” advised Wamunyinyi.
The legislator lauded the boda boda riders for playing a very vital role in the transport sector but asked them to be very careful so that they do not become agents of spreading the killer disease.
“Make sure that you are always protected, this will encourage your clients to also take care of themselves, we don’t want to lose any rider because of carelessness,” he said.
During the event, all the 84 boda boda riders stages in Kanduyi constituency received masks that will cater for all of them.
Bukembe East got 400 face masks, Bukembe West 400, Tuuti/Marakaru Ward got 500, East Sang’alo 700,  West Sang’alo 500, Musikoma 500, Township 800 and Khalaba Ward received 900 face masks.

Boda boda riders chairman Bernard Machunga lauded the MP for taking care of his people from contracting the disease.
“We are very happy for having received face masks donation from our MP, this shows that he is on the forefront of fighting COVID-19, am asking my members to follow the government directives to stay safe from the pandemic,” said Machunga.
Wamunyinyi has so far installed automatic sanitizing booths in various market centres including Bungoma bus stage and Kanduyi market to help combat Covid-19.


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