Speeding truck kills two people on Kanduyi-Malaba highway


The residents claim one of the passengers in the truck was a police officer based in Bungoma county who operates on the Northern corridor.

Business and transport was paralysed on Kanduyi-Malaba at Kimaeti market on the busy Highway when two people were killed by a speeding truck.

They were hit from the back by the overtaking vehicle.

This follows the long week long of trucks stretching over 40 kilometers from Malaba to Sikata in Bungoma county.

The trailer was overtaking other truck drivers and hit a motor cycle rider who was carrying a pillion passenger from the back.

The motor cycle rider and the woman passenger died on the spot which attracted rowdy residents who blocked the busy road paralyzing transport

Bungoma County Commissioner Dr. Abdi Hassan and Bungoma County Police Commandant Dr. Musyoki Mutungi confirmed the incident that they had arrested the truck driver who is at Kimaeti police post as investigations goes on.

The residents claim one of the passengers in the truck was a police officer who operates on the highway.

‘’The police Officer should be transferred today, if he continue operating in this area then we pledge to harm him, the guy is corrupt and we can’t buy his lies,’’ the bitter residents said.

Addressing the press On May 21, 2020 Bungoma County Deputy Governor Prof. Charles Ngome said traffic police officers who had overstayed in the County for more than 5 years should be transferred for laxity in ensuring that traffic rules are observed.

The truck was towed to the same station as the residents protested that the driver would infect them with covid- 19 virus.

Ngome said the family of the deceased will receive Sh100,000 for burial arrangements adding that they will take care of the mortuary bill and postmortem bill.

The bitter residents blocked the busy highway creating traffic jam as they tried to prevent police from taking the bodies of the deceased to the morgue.

However, the police convinced the rowdy residents and allowed the police take the bodies to Bungoma County Referral mortuary for postmortem.

John Nyongesa a resident of Kanduyi said that trailers have been a major cause of accidents adding that police have not taken an initiative to check the speed of the trailers.

 ‘’Apart from the Covid 19 menace  caused by truck drivers , trailers have killed very many people around here,’’ he said

Last year, the police themselves fell victims at the same area  when a trailer rammed into an administration police vehicle killing three  police officers on the spot.


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