Bungoma deputy speaker forced to eat a humble pie, apologises to 'team change'


During the changes, Tuuti/Marakaru ward MCA Joseph Nyongesa was picked the majority leader replacing Maeni ward MCA Florence Wekesa.

Bungoma County Assembly deputy speaker Simiyu Wamusai has tendered his apology to the house business committee.

Wamusai had allegedly moved to court to challenge the election of the new house leadership endorsed last week.

During the changes, Tuuti/Marakaru ward MCA Joseph Nyongesa was picked the majority leader replacing Maeni ward MCA Florence Wekesa.

Tongaren MCA Elizabeth Tindi was picked as the deputy majority leader, Mukuyuni Ward MCA Meshack Simiyu was elected the majority Chief Whip replacing Malakisi/South Kulisiru ward MCA Everlyne Mutyembu.

In other house changes, Joseph Maguda of Bungoma township was picked as the deputy majority Chief Whip to replace nominated Ford Kenya MCA Luke Opwora.

However, there was a team that was opposed to the changes led by Mr.Wamusai of Siboti Ward (FK).

So the new house team had planned to kick him out of the plum position for jumping into bed with the executive.

On Tuesday May 19, 2020 the new team had filed a motion in the floor of the assembly to fire Wamusai.

But on Wednesday May 20, 2020 township MCA Joseph Maguda was to move the motion against Wamusai in the floor of the assembly but he was forced to eat the humble pie which saw him apologize on his knees.

After realizing that that he was about to be kicked out  Wamusai arrived in the assembly prencits early enough and started lobbying for forgiveness from team change to save his plum job.

His quick plan succeeded after he held a three hour meeting with the new house team where he apologized and offered to follow the new team’s agendas to the latter.  

“I will recognize and support the recent changes in the house and I will withdraw the case I had filed in court over the new  changes within a week,” said Wamusai while addressing the press.

The ward leader also denounced working with the executive and will be steadfast in his oversight role.

The borne of contention arose from the fact that the executive had allegedly prevented the health committee from investigating the 600, 20 litre Jericans that was costing each Sh10,000.

The executive had borrowed Sh6.9 from Bungoma county referral hospital to help combat Covid-19.

The new changes in the assembly has seen a number of county ministers asking area governor Wycliffe Wangamati to seek for dissolution of the county government so that all elected leaders can seek for fresh mandate from the electorates.

Led by Agriculture Mathews Makanda and his health counterpart Anthony Walela have been on forefront asking for the dissolution of the devolved unit following the infighting between the executive and assembly.


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