(Photos) Drunk Bungoma Man Clobbers Chief Over Corona


Drama ensued in Tongaren sub county, Bungoma county after a drunken man assaulted a Chief.

Mitua location Chief Madam Gladys Wanjala was assaulted by a Chang’aa drunkard who inflicted her with serious body injuries.

According to news on Sulwe Fm a vernacular radio station owned by Royal Media Services, the incident took place on Sunday May 17, 2020.

According to the victim, she and her village elders were moving around the location sensitizing her subjects about observing government directives to stop spreading Coronavirus when they bumped into a crowd of people taking Chang’aa (Traditional liquor) in one village.

“When I tried sensitizing them about the importance of observing social distance, one of them, a man rose up and started beating me and my village elders for what he termed as inconveniencing them,” narrated Wanjala.

She added, “The suspect insulted us, assaulted us, picked our phones and cracked them, warning us that we will have it rough visiting such liquor dens,”.

She says that they were only saved by other drunkards from the hands of death who asked the suspect to respect administrators.

“He was chest thumping and claiming to be a well connected man in the government inner circles and small people like us could not do anything to him,” she said.

The suspect was later arrested by police from Brigadier police station in Tongaren and will be arraigned in court once investigations are over.

“Just imagine that even after his arrest, he still had guts of insulting us at the police station, this is arrogance and indiscipline of the highest order,” said Madam Wanjala.

She observed that female administrators are at high risk of attacks from men who still hold into male chauvinism.

“Women leaders are still are being undermined from men who think we can’t lead, let them understand that we are all equal before God’s eyes,” she said.

The victim called on the government to grant Chiefs and their assistants enough security.She later sought medication in a nearby health facility.


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