Meet Bungoma County Assembly's new Majority Leader


Elizabeth Tindi was elected the deputy majority leader in a well hatched plan that was full of drama.

Bungoma County Assembly  has made changes in it’s top political leadership with Joseph Juma Nyongesa being elected leader of the majority.
Elizabeth Tindi was elected the deputy majority leader in a well hatched plan that was full of drama.
The Nasa Coalition dominates the house with Ford Kenya having more than 30 elected and nominated MCAs thus the majority.

A former majority leader Florence Fulano Wekesa (Maeni ward) was ousted in a coup witnessed on Thursday May 14, 2020.
Mrs.Wekesa was impeached by MCAs who accused her of going to bed with the executive.
MCAs had last Thursday May 7, 2020 failed to impeach her following the fist fights that took place in the floor of the assembly.
In the other changes read by the assembly speaker Emmanuel Situma, Mukuyuni Ward MCA Meshack Simiyu alias Museveni was elected the Majority Chief Whip.He replaces Malakisi/South Kulisiru ward MCA Everlyne Mutyembu.
In the same changes Bungoma township ward MCA Joseph Maguda was picked has the deputy Chief Whip to replace nominated MCA Luke Opwora.

Those supporting the motion and those against it engage in insults, noise renting the air.
Majority MCAs had signed to impeach leader of the majority in what they termed has failing in her duties and at the same time colluding with the executive.
25 out of 36 MCAs had appended their signatures to help in kicking out Mrs Wekesa while 11 MCAs were supporting her.
Nasa members had accused her of failing to play her role and being manipulated by the executive.
Majority Ford Kenya, ODM and a section of independent members were supporting the removal of majority leader whom they accused of sleeping in her duties.
Nyongesa said that it was a new dawn in the assembly leadership that will see the oversight roles taken to the new level.
“I want to assure my colleagues and our bosses (voters) that you are going to experience a new dawn in the assembly’s leadership, we will play our oversight roles well as stipulated in the Constitution,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi who lauded the move and said that the changes came at the right time.
“We have suffered for long, there is no development projects in our wards, people are demanding for it yet our leaders are sleeping on their jobs, we will now play our oversight roles very well without executive interference,” he said.
The assembly’s health committee members were stopped by the armed anti-riot police officers from interrogating members of the executive on their role in purchasing the most expensive jericans at Sh10,000 per 20 litre while the ex leader went silent and never condemned the incident.

The ward leader also accused the former majority leader of failing to convene a meeting to discuss on how they should have shared the Sh100 million from the assembly kitty meant for special programs in fighting Covid-19.


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