Bumula Mp accused of pocketing Sh7.7 M KeRRA funds for revamping the road network


Wekesa cited roads like Mareba-Myanga are in the sorry state yet the area law maker has shown no interest in revamping them.

Residents of Bumula have accused their area Mp for embezzling Sh7.7 million from the vital KeRRA Kitty.

Residents accuse Mwambu Mabongah of pocketing cash from Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) Kitty and purporting to revamp the road network.

Residents accuse the Mp of pocketing cash from the Kitty and purporting to revamp the Tulumba-Mayanja Kibuke-Nyangali-Miluki road under KeRRA in 2018- 19 Financial year yet nothing was done on that road.

Addressing the press in bungoma town on Monday May 11, 2020, the youths led by Emmanuel Ndalila and Joe Hillary Wekesa said that the road network in Bumula constituency is impassable yet the Mp who is the elected leader has not done anything to fix it.

“We have raised this issue with several leaders and agencies but in vain, we have tried reaching the area Mp but he is now busy castigating us and fighting us online, what we need is good roads to ease communication and transport,” said Ndalila.

Wekesa cited roads like Mareba-Myanga are in the sorry state yet the area law maker has shown no interest in revamping them.

“We don’t want to care whether the road falls under the county government, Kerra or Kura, what we need is the good road, we don’t want excuses and profiling youths who raise such important issues, as residents we are suffering,” said Wekesa.

Area residents have decried about the poor state of roads in the populous Constituency in what is termed as due to negligence and misused KERRA funds by the time MP.

Key among the roads include the Mateka- Bumula-Myanga road and the Tulumba-Mayanja Kibuke-Nyangali-miluki road.

Recently the area MP bitterly declined that the Tulumba to Miluki road is not under his mandate. A matter that the chief officer refutes saying it’s a KERRA road. The phone recording has irked the chief officer who has since termed it unethical and stopping so low.

However, documents in our possession reveal that the road is actually under KERRA and was advertised in 2018 and allocated a fund of 7.7M.

In the records, the road number C817, the KERRA records show that it was financed in financial year 2018/2019. It’s said the MP has only focused on roads within his area of Kimaeti while other areas are neglected in his projects especially roads.

Bumula residents have vowed to push for accountability of the roads funds as they allege the MP is busy pocketing KeRRA funds immediately the county repairs the roads. Insider sources reveal the MP is bitter and fighting the Governor over personal interests in some projects.

However, Mwambu Mabongah called on Youths to stop being used to politicise some development projects.

“Let’s unite and work together in realizing development in Bumula, the infighting among leaders and residents is unhealthy and is only meant to derail development in the region,” said Mabongah.

KeRRA regional assistant director Joseph Wanyama says the national government didn’t allocate the money to the road.

“I know of 7.7 kilometers and not Sh7.7 million, KeRRA is supposed to revamp 5 kilometers while the county government should do the rest, there is no money at the moment and those castigating the Mp should stop,” said Wanyama.


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