Motorcycles And Cattle Are Among Unclaimed assets set to be Auctioned at Kimilili police station


Residents of Kimilili constituency and other neighbouring areas who have lost their assets in the last one year should visit Kimilili police station to claim them.

Kimilili OCPD George Ndegwa confirmed that they have assets recovered by police officers for the last one year but they are still unclaimed up to date.
Among the assets that are still spending at the station include 27 motorcycles,one cow, one goat and other electronic appliances.

“Some motorbikes were recovered after they were stolen from its owners while others were picked from accident scenes, none of them have been claimed for, am asking them to come with their original receipts and claim them,” he said.

Ndegwa observed that they had given a chance to members of the public to claim their assets before they are put into public auction.

He stated that their is no need of continuing keeping them for so long but they will be forced to sell them to have way for other recovered items.

“If the assets aren’t claimed by the owners within the set period, we will seek the court order to auction them to the public, the government needs money for other projects,” said Ndegwa.

Majority youths in the country have ventured into boda boda industry however, some are meeting their untimely deaths while some are maimed by thieves targeting the motorbikes.

Some of them carelessly drive on the highway without prior driving experience hence get involved in deadly accidents which claim their lives or leave them with permanent scars.


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