County gov't, Kibabii University and Organizations distribute foodstuffs, hand washing soaps to needy families


“These donations will go a long way in fighting COVID-19 and helping people affected by the raging floods, we are very happy for these organizations who came forth and made their donations,” said Wangamati.

A section of vulnerable families in Bungoma County have benefited from foodstuffs, hand washing soaps and sanitizers.

The foodstuffs were donated by the county Chamber of Commerce and Industry while liquid soaps were donated by Kibabii University.

Speaking after receiving the donations at the county headquarters on May 8, Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati said that it was a show of humanity for such organizations to come in handy and help the vulnerable people in the society.

“These donations will go a long way in fighting COVID-19 and helping people affected by the raging floods, we are very happy for these organizations who came forth and made their donations,” said Wangamati.

He lauded Kibabii University for starting to manufacture sanitizers and hand washing soaps and lauded them for continued partnering with Bungoma County government.

“This is the third foodstuffs distribution program to cushion vulnerable families and communities from coronavirus and those hit hard by the raging floods,” he said.

Wangamati stated that the program will see several families including people living with disabilities are the greatest beneficiaries.

“Today we will distribute food to about 150 households in Bumula, 50households in Dorofu Kanduyi constituency, 100 households in Cheptais, 100 households in Sirisia, 80 families in Sitikho ward Webuye West constituency who have been affected by floods and 70 households from the Muslim community in Tamlega Malakisi area,” he said.

He emphasized that each household will receive 20 Kgs of Unga, 2 Kgs of sugar, 2 Kgs of rice, one bar soap, one litre of cooking oil, 2 Kgs of Ndengu and beans each, and through the world food aid program they will be able to support 120,000 households.

“We are doing this because we know they have been affected by Covid-19 and floods as this will help minimize movements and ensure people do not contract the global pandemic,” said Wangamati.

He said that residents of Bungoma have gone back to the old habit of mingling, not maintaining social distance and are not washing hands.

“My people let me remind my people that we are far from the end of this pandemic, look at the number of positive cases it keeps on increasing, let’s be careful to ensure that we fight it to the bitter end, stop coming into the close conduct with truck drivers, they are the main agents spreading coronavirus,” he said.

Kibabii University Vice-Chancellor Prof.Ipara Odeo lauded Bungoma governor for launching their products and receiving their donation of 1000 of liquid soaps and 20,000 of sanitizers manufactured from their laboratories.

“They meet the guidelines provided by World Health Organization, we have confirmed that the products meets the standard and we have sent samples to KEBs for analysis and certification to help us start mass production of this support the county government in fighting coronavirus,” he said.

He said that the university will also sensitize members of the public and they are targeting an area in Mt Elgon so that they can offer their services in research on Covid-19.

“As residents of Bungoma County we must heed to the advice given by the government to enable us fight this global pandemic,”

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bungoma County Chairman John Wafula said that they were partnering with the county government in donating food stuffs because the county government has a data of all affected people.

“This foodstuffs have been donated by Bungoma business community and it is our hope that each one of them will benefit from it, we also thank the governor for standing with us so that we can be able to reach those households,” said Wafula.

Red Cross Secretary General Asha Mohammed stated that as humanitarian organization they are meant to help vulnerable people.

“Am happy that as Red Cross we are part of this initiative, there is covid, locusts invasion and floods are adding to the food insecurity and we want to help vulnerable people who will be affected by such disasters,” she said.


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