Bungoma MCAs engage in fist fights as efforts to impeach Majority leader fail


Members of the majority party in the house led by Ford Kenya wants Wekesa out for failing to play her role and being manipulated by the executive.

Chaos was witnessed at the Bungoma County Assembly on Thursday May 7, 2020 when members of the county assembly engaged in fist fights over the plan to impeach leader of the Majority failed.

Those supporting the motion and those against it engaged in fist fights, insults while noise rented the air as the assembly was turned into a wrestling ground.
Majority MCAs had signed to impeach leader of the Majority Florence Wekesa in what they termed has failing in her duties and at the same time colluding with the executive.
Already 36 MCAs had appended their signatures to help in kicking out Mrs Wekesa who is also the Maeni Ward MCA, while 11 MCAs were supporting her.

Members of the majority party in the house led by Ford Kenya wants Wekesa out for failing to play her role and being manipulated by the executive.
They also accuse the assembly speaker Emmanuel Situma of also colluding with the executive and disregarding his role has the assembly prefect.
The members had convened to extend the recess and they also wanted to table the motion to kick out the majority leader but it seems the speaker was a bit elusive and was siding with the minority members who were supporting the majority leader.
Majority Ford Kenya, ODM and a section of independent members are supporting the removal of majority leader whom they accused of sleeping in her duties.

MCAS had proposed Tuuti/Marakaru ward MCA Joseph Juma Nyongesa to take over as the majority leader replacing Mrs.Wekesa.
Nyongesa said that when the health committee members were stopped by the armed anti-riot police officers from interrogating members of the executive on their role in purchasing the most expensive jericans at Sh10,000 per 20 litre, she went silent and never condemned the
The ward leader also accused the majority leader of failing to convene a meeting to discuss on how they should have shared the Sh100 million from the assembly kitty meant for special programs in fighting Covid-19.

“She has failed us, we have collected enough signatures and will be impeached through hook or crook, we can’t pretend to help Mwananchi yet we are colluding with the executive and failing in our oversight roles,” said Nyongesa.
His sentiments were echoed by nominated MCA Fredrick Musebe who accused the majority leader of keeping silent when all the nominated MCAs were being kicked out of different committees.
“Her work was to speak boldly about the vices against the nominated members when they were being stripped from all committees after we demanded offices and recognition, she should have defended us instead
of leaving us to suffer the humiliation from our elected colleagues, she must go, she has failed us in Ford Kenya,” said Musebe.

However, Mrs.Wekesa observed that she has played her role very well as the leader of majority something that has united both the assembly leaders and the executive.
“This is total witch hunt, those fighting and want me out feel that I have been an obstacle for them to achieve their selfish interests, am still the leader of majority at the moment and I will serve Ford Kenya well and ensure that the party grows,” She said.
Efforts to get a comment from the assembly speaker were futile as he could not pick calls but the MCAs had already signed 25 signatures by the time of publishing story ostensibly to also kick him out.


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