Business community calls on gov't to stop movement of trucks for fear of spreading Coronavirus


This is after two cases were confirmed in Bungoma county of Coronavirus virus positive patients brought about by truck drivers.

Story/Tony Wafula

Bungoma business community has proposed that the popularly known Webuye-Malaba highway be blocked for fear of spreading corona virus.

This is after two cases were confirmed in Bungoma county of Coronavirus virus positive patients brought about by truck drivers.

Kanduyi is among a few market centres along Webuye-Malaba highway where truck drivers park their vehicles to relax after a long journey.

“The market is known for parking of trucks as drivers alight to relax as they wait to proceed to their destinations and in the process they mingle with area residents, this has caused fear amongst business people,” said Francis Wekesa.

Sources reveal that most of truck drivers mingle with ladies offering sex services at a fee with many people condemning it proposing for the blockage of the highway until the normal condition is announced.

Hotel managers at Kanduyi have been cautioned against allowing many people in the hotel, calling on the government to provide machines to measure body temperature for their customers.

Stephen Nyongesa says the county government should layout good strategies which will help in battling with the pandemic, accusing area ward boss for neglecting them whenever expected to hear people’s grievances.

‘’Since we voted in for our ward boss he has never come back and listen to our grievances his work is to travel and get good salary.’’ He accused, adding that Kanduyi residents have never received relief food from the county government.

However, he pleaded to the county government to provide face masks to boda boda riders saying that they are at high risk of spreading or contracting the corona virus.

‘’Kanduyi market has never received face masks from the county government, some ward administrators who are assigned to distribute them never reach us,’’ He said.

He condemned police officers harassing business people urging them to remain calm when enforcing the governments directives during curfew hours.

‘’Police officers are really harassing small business operators, calling on Bungoma county commissioner to take action against naughty police officers who are after money.’’ He said.

His sentiments were echoed by Janerose Wamalwa a vegetable venfor who urged the state to open churches for people to worship and repent their sins.

‘’This pandemic maybe as a result of sins and people should go to church and pray hard,’’ she said, adding that the government to assign doctors at the churches to help in giving directives as people worship in shifts.

She says if this pandemic persists many church followers will lose direction resulting to many theft cases, pleading to the government to open churches.

She pleaded to the county government, the national government and other well-wishers to chip in and help residents affected by floods.

‘’Our county has been invaded by floods and landslides,’’ she said, urging members of public to migrate to safer grounds.

She stormed those money thirty county officials involved in the Ksh.10,000 jerry can saga to be fired from power.

‘’Those greedy county officials should be fired for abuse of office and misuse of public funds.’’ Mrs. Wamalwa said, accusing the governor for failing to respond the jerry can scandal.


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