Wetang'ula: Focus on flood victims too the way you are fighting COVID-19, government told


The government has been asked to move with speed and provide relief food to flood victims.
Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula says majority of the flood victims originating from the heavy rain pounding the country are suffering.
“As the government battles Covid-19 that is ravaging the world it should not forget to assist victims of floods which has hit the country, they are all in need of basic needs,” he said.

The Ford Kenya party leader who was addressing the press in his Bungoma home on May 3, stated that most Kenyans in flood prone areas have remained homeless, homes have been destroyed, food submerged and they are in dire need of help to meet their basic needs.
“The government should set aside resources that will help them, too much attention has been given to the global pandemic coronavirus, let the State also commit other resources to help flood victims,” he said.
He said that floods is among unprecedented calamities which should be addressed with utmost urgency to save majority Kenyans.
Wetang’ula pointed out that has the government focuses more on eradication of coronavirus it should equally address other dangerous calamities that is eating up Kenyans.
“I want the responsible ministries to look at the above raised issues so that they are on time to stop more fatalities, we need interventions from the government,” he said
He urged President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government to save suffering Kenyans from the ravaging floods by offering them relief food and stop the stress associated with it.
“Majority victims don’t have stable jobs hence they can’t feed their families, they need government intervention,” said Wetang’ula.
Majority parts of the country are cuter experiencing flooding following the ongoing heavy rains.
Many homes are submerged, bridges swept aways, crops destroyed and residents forced to seek help in safer grounds to run away from ravaging waters.


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