Bungoma's Mr.Money Bags constructs an improvised bridge to save residents


A local politician in Bungoma county has used his own resources to construct an improvised bridge to save residents from drowning and ease the mode of transport.

Moses Nandalwe otherwise known as Bungoma’s Mr.Money bags has constructed an improvised bridge along a river connecting Malinda and St.Antony school which connects either side.
“I have decided to make an alternative bridge here to save my people who are using a long route to reach their homes after the one that was available broke down some year’s back hence causing alot of agony to them as they could not access either side following the heavy rains pounding the region,” said Nandalwe.

He added, “Residents can now feel a sigh of relief after I constructed this improvised bridge using logs from cut down trees, this is the best we could do to save the situation at the moment before we could lose our people to drowning,”.
This comes after residents of the said area requested Nandalwe to provide for them a solution that will enable ease transportation and communication in the region.
The Sirisia constituency politician who also runs the Nandalwe Foundation was shocked and disappointed that even after raising the issue on social media and radio stations the local government has not yet responded neither visited the site. 
“As leaders we must provide solutions to our people as we wait the mandated offices to act,” said Nandalwe.

The constituency is led by a Jubilee party Mp John Waluke.
“Due to the pathetic state and hardships that the residents go through, I saw the need to quickly provide an alternative bridge for them, let us have this as we look forth to a better permanent solution,” said Nandalwe
He added, “Am happy to realize that residents of this region can now  transact their business and general movement after a long period of time, they have suffered for long yet we have elected leadership around,”.


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