Weta asks Bungoma MCAs to stamp their oversight authority on graft


Bungoma Members of the County Assembly have been called on to do proper oversight of the executive with fear or favour.
Speaking during the burial of Patrick Waka in Sibanga village Malakisi/South Kulisiru ward on May 1, Wetang’ula castigated the county government for the misappropriation of funds meant for combating Covid-19.
He pointed out that only MCAs have the mandate to investigate the embezzlement claims which has caused a negative name to the county.
“You have read it, watched it on media and read it on social media, we are purturbed with the misuse of funds meant for a good cause, let our MCAs be our saviours,” said the law maker.

The Ford Kenya party leader stated that its the role of Ward leaders to oversight the executive to ensure that it performs well to the electorates by creating many projects.
“When we are busy fighting COVID-19, some people are busy looting from the kitty, we can’t allow some few individuals to make the kitty their cash cow, let’s put our priorities right,” said Weta.
Bungoma County government is accused of buying of 600, 20 litre jericans at Sh10,000.
MCAs led by the health committee chairman George Makari have accused the executive of embezzling Sh11 million meant to fight COVID-19.
Wetang’ula also asked county government employees to stop insulting other leaders on social media but instead concentrate on their jobs.
“They should understand that its a Ford Kenya party that employed them, MCAs should thoroughly who should be employed and their capacity, disrespecting leaders is like disrespecting God which attracts curses,” he said.


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