Lusaka defends Wetang'ula's oversight role in fighting graft in Bungoma


The Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka has defended Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula over his oversight role.

Speaking at his Karen residence in Nairobi in a joined interview by Royal Media Services owned Sulwe, Mulembe and Vuuka FM’s on May 1, Lusaka said that all senators were elected as per the law to offer oversight roles and ensure more funds trickle down to counties to benefit the common Mwananchi and there is nothing wrong with Wetang’ula offering his oversight to the county government of Bungoma.

‘Wetang’ula has all the rights to play his oversight role and if the Bungoma graft case concerning the expensive sanitary items reaches the senate i will handle it on merit,” said Lusaka.

He added, “Am asking Bungoma county assembly MCAs to play their oversight well concerning the misappropriation of funds meant to fight Covid-19, they are the grassroot leaders,”.
He observed that after covid-19 is over some leaders will be arrested and prosecuted for misappropriation of funds meant to fight the global pandemic coronavirus.

“We have heard and read on social media where it is alleged that Bungoma county government bought a 20 litre jerican at Sh10,000, if this is true then it is outrageous and it beats logic,” said Lusaka.
He called on counties to stop using the pandemic as a cashcow for the leaders to benefit from the public coffers.
“Majority leaders in counties can be prosecuted for failing on transparency and accountability tests, some are using it as a cash cow to embezzle the money, we are reading of such stories but eventually some people will be arrested once the disease is over,” said Lusaka.
He said Wetang’ula’s move is a courageous one, there was no witchhunt when he elaborated on the floor of the assembly.

Bungoma county county administration led by governor Wycliffe Wangamati has been accused of embezzling Sh11 million that they set aside to purchase sanitary towels including water containers that was distributed to various market centres and health facilities.
Wangamati was elected on Ford Kenya party whose leader is Moses Wetang’ula.
Bungoma county assembly health committee members raised the issue on the embezzlement of funds by the executive.

The committee chairman who is also the Musikoma Ward MCA George Makari and other members were also stopped by armed anti riot police from interrogating some county leaders presumed to have been the architects of the misappropriation of funds.


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