Kimilili orphanage gets foodstuffs donation from a businessman.


Story/Porcupine Wanjekeche

An orphanage in Kimilili got a boost after a businessman paid a surprise visit with a donation of assorted foodstuff to combat the pangs of Corona Virus pandemic.

The philanthropist Stephen Kaiser said, he was compelled to extend a hand of help to the poor families in the orpanages that  have been forgotten by many people during this difficult time.

“I have to help such vulnerable people with the small things God has given me, these are the people who need such assistance at this difficult time,” said Kaiser

While receiving the donation, the director of Rapha Children’s Home thanked the businessman for the kind gesture.

“At this particular time everyone is home with their families yet we have other families that have no belonging such as this. We thank God for touching his people to visit such institutions during this critical moment.”he said.

He observed that most childrens home house orphans whose parents are not traceable or are dead and hence have nowhere to run to during this stay home regulations by the government.

“The pandemic has given such institutions great challenge and can only run to well wishers for survival and sustainability,” he added.

The children home hosts 24 children from Mount Elgon and its environs after the 2007 clashes that hits the place most election years.


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