Biko set to distribute 20,000 face masks in Bungoma towards fighting COVID-19


Steve Biko Wafula is the only young and vibrant politician who is likely to give Webuye West Mp Dan Wanyama (Jubilee), a run for his money in 2022.

As the world strives to combat COVID-19 which has become the real threat to humanity, a number of leaders have come out to offer their assistance albeit in small ways.
Among the philanthropic Kenyans, include a renowned lawyer, businessman and a blogger.

Steve Biko Wafula from Bungoma West constituency is known for helping the unfortunate people in the society and he has not been left behind in the fight against Coronavirus that has caused havoc among Kenyans.
Speaking to, Biko said that he is planning to distribute over 20,000 face masks.
“So far we have distributed over 10,000 face masks in Bokoli, Matulo, Misikhu and Sitikho wards in Webuye West constituency, We are not stopping here, soon my team will be visiting key town and market centres to distribute them, we have to save our people from the dreaded global pandemic,” said Biko.

He added, “I have realized that majority People live below poverty line, therefore they prefer buying food rather than face masks, that is why the Steve Biko foundation decided to distribute this sanitary kits to all boda boda riders, mama mbogas and the older persons in the community,”.
He observed that many people in the county are in need of face masks but they can’t afford them due to high poverty level.
“We have realized that despite the county government of Bungoma embarking on manufactuting and distributing face masks, its impact has not been felt which poses danger to the residents who can’t afford it,” he said.

Biko who is the Nairobi based lawyer and a businessman accused some of the elected leaders from Bungoma County including Members of Parliament for failing to use money given to them for the fight against COVID-19.
“Our leaders have been well financed  to help in fighting coronavirus through the purchase of the sanitary items but majority of them are using it for 2022 campaigns, how many of them have used the cash towards fighting the global pandemic?,” posed Biko.

He said that he will have to use his meagre resources to benefit the down trodden in the community.
Biko observed that it is better to use his resources to benefit many poor people than use it enrich a few influential friends.
Steve Biko is the only young and vibrant politician who is likely to give Webuye West Mp Dan Wanyama (Jubilee), a run for his money in 2022.


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